Make renovations easier with Cube Self Storage

Is it time to do some home renovations? How exciting! Adding a new island in the kitchen will definitely ease your dinner cooking preparations. While, a home extension or partitioning of rooms will give each of your kids the privacy of having their own rooms. Decisions, decisions!

With so much planning and budgeting to do, have you thought of where you are going to temporarily move your furnishings to when the remodelling works are being carried out?

Here are some great ideas!

1. Move it from one room to another
When work is being carried out in the kitchen, move your furnishings into the living room and vice versa. It’s best to cover your furnishings with plastic sheets to prevent them from coming into contact with debris from the renovation works.

2. Store with a friend or family member
Know a relative or good friend with a room to spare in your time of need? How lucky but be sure to check with them on their timelines and to pick up your stuff on the agreed dates. You wouldn’t want to impose on their generosity!

3. Use Cube Self Storage
A self storage unit is your perfect partner when renovating. It gives you the space you need for however long you need! Just move your furnishings into a Cube Self Storage unit before renovation work starts and collect them back after renovations are completed. If you need, we can also provide collection and delivery service. Just let us know!

Still can’t decide, which to go for? Here’s why we highly recommend the 3rd option!

  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • Strict access control
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible plans
  • Convenient locations
  • Wide selection of storage unit sizes

We even have some bonus storage tips to share!

1. Label your boxes
Always indicate the contents of the box, this will save you time if you need to look for something.

2. Store frequently used items in front
This is so you can easily access the items without having to move the boxes, saving you time and energy.

3. Make a pathway
Arrange your stored furnishings by creating a pathway for your convenience to reach the items at the back.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get remodelling!

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