Hong Kong is renowned as a “shopping paradise” not only because of the luxurious shopping malls but also the unique Hong Kong shopping streets. Shopping streets offer reasonably priced and high-quality items, making it possible to discover treasures at any moment! Shopping streets allow tourists to experience the locals’ lifestyle and culture, and even enjoy the thrill of bargaining.

Let’s take a look at some of the distinctive Hong Kong shopping streets that drive tourists crazy!

1. Ladies' Market

When it comes to Hong Kong shopping streets, the “Ladies’ Market” is a must-visit. It is located in Mong Kok, and it is one of the famous tourist spots in the area. Since it originally focused on selling women’s items, so it earned the nickname “Ladies’ Market.” However, today, it has diversified. They offer a wide range of products including home goods, clothing for both men and women, cosmetics, and jewelry. Ladies’s Market always attracts both locals and tourists.

2. Sneaker Street

Comfortable sneakers can make your journey more relaxed during travels. If you want to find the perfect pair, you are recommended to head to Sneaker Street in Mong Kok. There is a variety of sneakers to choose from, no matter affordable options to limited editions. Besides sneakers, you’ll also find various trendy brands and sports equipment stores here. Therefore, it makes this street a gathering place for youth. Even if you’re not planning to buy sneakers, you can come and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Sneaker Street!

3. Apliu Street

Apliu Street in Sham Shui Po is known for selling second-hand electronic products and electronic components. So, that’s why it earned the nickname “Electronic Street.” If you’re looking for hard-to-find electronic components, it’s worth checking out. In addition to electronics, the street also sells various antiques such as vintage watches, old records, and coins. Don’t miss it if you enjoy collecting antique items!

4. Cat Street

Cat Streets is located in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island. It is famous for selling antique items, attracting many antique enthusiasts to explore new treasures. In the early days, this was a place where stolen goods were sold. The name “Cat Street” originates is derived from the fact that stolen goods are referred to as “mouse goods” in Chinese, and the people who buy them are called “cats”. Over time, many Chinese people started selling old goods and antiques here, creating the nostalgic and artistic vibe that Cat Street is known for today. In addition to antiques, you can find various handicrafts such as silk fabrics, embroidery, jade, and wooden products.

5. Ko Shing Street

Ko Shing Street, located in Sheung Wan, is also known as “Herbal Medicine Street”. It is one of the long-established wholesale centers for Chinese herbs in Hong Kong. It offers a wide variety of Chinese herbs and marine food products. Therefore, you’ll be greeted by the fragrance of herbs as soon as you step into Ko Shing Street. Many tourists like to buy Chinese herbs and marine food products as souvenirs here.

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