November is a shopping season! We have a Double 11 Shopping Festival in Mainland, China, and we also have a Black Friday Sale in Hong Kong. Many stores will also hold sales in November to coincide with the major shopping festivals and to clear stock at the end of the year. You can take advantage of sales to buy essential items, it is also one of the best ways to save money.

Check out 5 of the best household items to buy during Black Friday sales.

1. Electrical appliances

The features of electrical appliances improve daily, and they help to reduce a lot of housework burden. However, electrical appliances are always costly. Therefore, by taking advantage of the sales, you might able to buy it at an affordable price.

Popular appliances: Steam ovens, Cordless vacuum cleaners, Air fryers, Sweeping robots, Slow juicers, etc.

2. Winter Fashion

It’s time to prepare warm and thick clothes for the autumn and winter season. Additionally, Hong Kong has reviewed its arrivals policy, many people are preparing to travel abroad, such as to Japan, South Korea, etc.. Therefore, during the sales time, don’t miss the opportunity to buy autumn and winter clothes that can be utilized locally or abroad!

3. Cleaning Supplies

Many people like to start renovating and cleaning their homes and storing items in order to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with a fresh look. You can prepare the cleaning products, such as brushes, paint brushes, detergent, disinfectants, and so on through online shopping platforms or physical stores during the sakles.

4. Thermos Bottle

As the weather turns cold, keeping warm is also one of the important things to maintain our health. We should also pay attention to our diet and take less cold food and pay attention to heat preservation. Carry a thermos with you to keep your body warm at all times and to avoid catching a cold.

During the sales time, you may find a good quality thermos bottle at a lower price.

5. Self-storage

November and December are the months of spring cleaning, home decorating, gathering, and festivals. You’ll need a self-storage to make space for entertaining guests or to store seasonal items. No worries! Cube Self Storage’s promo allows you to rent a bigger space at a lower price and save even more by offering free collection services and discounts on packing materials.

Whether it’s Double 11 or Black Friday Sales, Cube Self Storage has prepared a series of storage deals for you! Contact us now to know more.