Event planning covers a wide range of skills, including choosing the site, making the budget, inviting guests, site layout, equipment arrangement, activity planning, etc. Therefore, for an event planner, internal planning is very important.

In recent years, many event planners have become more inclined to use self-storage. The self-storage helps them better arrange and plan, reduce mistakes and losses, and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Let’s check how exactly self-storage helps event planning companies.

  1. Streamline Your Business

Event planners often need to handle their paperwork and store the equipment, and the narrow space of the office adds to their burden.

Self-storage can improve the sense of space in the company and also effectively simplifies the work of employees. Store them in storage by categorizing all the documents, equipment, and tools. Extracting them whenever necessary, helps to improve work efficiency.

2. Protect your stuff

The planning company needs to use a lot of expensive equipment, such as stereo, camera, audio-visual equipment, etc., which needs to be kept at the proper temperature. However, due to the changeable weather in Hong Kong, this temperature-sensitive equipment may be damaged if stored in a place with high humidity and temperature.

Therefore, event planner always prefers to store their items in 24/7 climate-controlled storage, which helps to protect the items!

3. 24/7 access

Event planners often work late into the night, sometimes even having to get the items in and out of storage late at night. 24/7 access to self-storage is in line with their work nature and needs.

Cube Self Storage has a 24/7 door card access system, which makes it easy for customers to drop in and drop off items at any time, even at midnight.

4. Bulky Items

Event planning inevitably requires the use of some large props and equipment, but placing these items is a great annoyance. Self-storage provides various sizes of storage space, which can be provided according to the needs of customers.

Cube Self Storage is also equipped with elevator facilities for easy handling and easy access to self- storage.

5. Flexibility

The Cub Self-Storage provides storage solutions according to the customer’s requirements, such as item type, size, storage period, budget, etc. Self-storage also allows customers to upsize and downsize the storage space at any time, thereby saving on storage costs. Customized storage solutions are more intimate and convenient.

With over 25 years of professional storage experience in the UK and all over Asia, we are ready to provide the best business storage solutions for all industries. We are located in 5 locations in Hong Kong, which are To Kwa Wan, Hung Hom, Wong Chuk Hang, Sai Wan, and Kennedy Town.

Are you looking for a better storage solution? Contact us! Cube’s one-stop storage solution provides customers with storage space, packaging materials, and third-party mover services, for making the storage process easier.

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