If you are a collector, showcase your pride and joy for your guests to see!

Don’t hide your collection out of sight! Whether it’s your Star Wars action figures, Hot Wheels, Power Rangers or Barbie Dolls collection, we know how much you love them. Instead of keeping them safely hidden in your room, arrange your hobby to its best advantage and show them to the world.

Here’s 5 easy ways to display but at the same time keep them in tip top condition!

Tip #1 – Glass Display Cabinets
Showcase your collection in full display in a glass cabinet. Make it a centrepiece in the living room and whenever guests come over for a visit, show them your pride and joy!

Tip #2 – Regularly Clean your Figurines
Keep your precious collection in mint condition. Wipe them every weekend or fortnightly to remove any grime or dirt from sticking onto your figurines. This will prevent it from turning an odd yellow.

3. Tip #3 – Keep away from direct sunlight
Direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays will damage your action figures. Avoid discolouration, fading, spotting and bubbles by storing in a shaded area away from the scorching sun rays.

4. Tip #4 – Protect your action figures from humidity
Humidity can cause irreparable damage to your precious collectionStoring in a humid area (with lots of moisture) will cause your figurines to corrode. We advise storing in an air-conditioned room with moderate temperature.

5. Tip #4 – Rotate your display set
You may not have the room to display all your action figures, all the time. Why not divide your action figures into sets and rotate them monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly; according to your mood and season!

When your other set of collectibles aren’t on display… keep them safe with us!

Our 24-hour Climate Controlled Storage Units are kept at temperatures between 22 °C and 24 °C and humidity levels below 65 ensuring good air circulation and the best protection for all your precious figurines.

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