Indoor plants bring numerous benefits to the Hong Kong living area. For instance, they are stress-relieving and can help to relax your eyes and purify the air.

Are you considering planting one in your home? Here’re the 5 best indoor plants that are easy to take care of and make the perfect decoration in Hong Kong.

Heart-leaf Philodendron

Heart-leaf Philodendron (a.k.a. Romantic Heart-shaped Leaves). In addition to its lovely appearance, Heart-leaf Philodendron is easy to take care of. It is also good to reduce carbon dioxide in your room; it is a plant that can still open its stomata under a high carbon dioxide environment. It suits living, office, meeting, and other indoor spaces.

Pothos Aurea

is the most common and popular plant among all plants since it is so easy to grow. It can grow in any condition, and its insect pest resistance is also strong. Therefore, Pothos Aurea is not easy to get sick, and we often describe it as a long-life plant. It is always recommended for planting beginners!

  • Bamboo

Did you know that bamboo represents luck in Chinese culture? It is always the first choice of gift for a new business or new home. Bamboo is also the most eye-catching space decoration and is easy to take care of. Moreover, it is a slow-growing foliage plant that can survive even in low-light spaces.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (a.k.a. ZZ Plant) is considered “the most trouble-free indoor plant”. You only need to water it once every two weeks. It would not die away even if you are not in the office for weeks. It grows vertically and dense, its green leaves always make the environment look vibrant.

Monstera Adansonii

Monstera Adansonii is known as the Swiss Cheese Plant. It has unique heart-shaped leaves that develop holes as the plant ages. It is easy to take care of since it will remain at a manageable size when grown in a container indoors. However, Monstera plants are toxic to pets, suggest not to plant them when you have pets with you.

Which plant seems to be the most appealing to you? With the help of some plants, our living space will look much more relaxing and enjoyable.

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