In order to welcome the coming of the Year of Rabbit, many shopping malls have launched a series of rabbit decorations and products. They attract people to buy or to take pictures to celebrate the festival vibes. In addition, since the epidemic prevention policies have been relaxed many people are shopping for new year’s preparations.

How do you prepare for the Chinese New Year? Here are some suggestions of essentials for the Year of the Rabbit, are you prepared?

1. New Year decorations

Red and sparkling new year decorations bring strong Chinese New Year vibes and it is also a symbol of happiness and good luck. Liven up Chinese New Year, with lots of new year decorations. You can buy the rabbits decorations, couplets, and paper cutting to put at your home and office to make it full of festive vibes.

2. Chinese New Year gift box or hamper

With the relaxation of the epidemic prevention policy, we can finally reunite with our families and friends! In order to make New Year’s greetings more thoughtful, prepare a gift box or hamper for the person you care about. Many businesses launch a variety of rabbit-related gift boxes and hamper which look elegant and exquisite.

In addition, don’t forget to prepare drinks and snacks to entertain your guests, such as candy boxes, cookies, twist rolls, etc. They are all necessary foods for the New Year which brings good luck to us.

3. Clothing

You can wear clothes with rabbit patterns to bring the meaning of a good start in the Year of the Rabbit! To celebrate the Chinese New Year, many fashion brands will launch their own costumes for the Year of the Rabbit. From clothing, jewellery, handbags and even masks, you can choose from various rabbit styles.

4. Epidemic prevention supplies

As fun as it is to celebrate the New Year, don’t forget that COVID viruses are still around. In order to give ourselves peace of mind during the Chinese New Year, we take responsibility to prepare a variety of epidemic prevention items, such as masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, etc., to curb the spread of the virus.

5. Self Storage

During the New Year cleaning, we might find a lot of items that we don’t need at the moment, such as seasonal clothes, books, electrical appliances, etc.  You can store them in a self-storage instead of throwing them away. Enjoy FREE storage for up to three months with our Chinese New Year storage promo. Our storage space is equipped with a 24/7 climate-controlled, CCTV, door card access system, to ensure the safety of storage.

We always believe that re-arrange the living environment and welcoming a new beginning will bring good luck! Cube Self Storage is always here to help you create a new environment and a new life for yourself!

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