Except when we resting at home, we usually spend most of our time at work. Our office is just like our second home. Therefore, making a good workplace is essential to bring us more joy in life.

Are you satisfied with your office layout and design? Have you ever thought that the design of your office will help improve your productivity and mood at work? Check out the 6 design elements to give you more ideas to renovate the office and improve your work efficiency.

  1. Comfortable furniture

A comfortable office should have comfortable furniture. Besides office tables and chairs, it can be the sofa in the lounge and the cabinets in the pantry area. Old or damaged furniture can lead to body pain or constant fear, which can make us unable to focus on our work.

Comfortable furniture shapes the image of the company and it should be included in the employee benefits. For instance, an adjustable office table that can accommodate the height and working habits of all staff. An office chair is in accord with human ergonomics to avoid back pain even when sitting for a long time.

How about you? What would you like to have in your office?

2. Natural light

Good lighting keeps our minds clear, reduces stress, and keeps us productive. Moreover, an office with natural light is good for the intake of vitamin D. Therefore, lighting is one of the keys to keeping us active for longer.

3. Green plants

Green is the colour of energy, making people feel calm and comfortable, relieving eye strain, improving muscle movement ability, etc. Therefore, greenery is an office essential. For easy planting, you can choose Philodendron, Dracaena Trifasciata, Rohde japonica etc.

4. Wall colour

The choice of wall colour is key to a good workspace. You can choose contrasting colours between walls and furniture or put some paintings on walls to give a sense of freshness. This helps to promote creativity in work. Additionally, besides the contrast of wall colour, using mirrors, and glass gives the allusion of a more spacious environment.

5. Private and shared spaces

Private spaces provide us with quiet space to handle phone calls or online meetings, while shared spaces promote communication, and colleagues’ interconnection, and create a healthy work environment. A good working environment must have both private and shared spaces.

6. Flexible and spacious space

Psychologically, everyone has a social safety distance. Therefore, we need a sense of space to create a comfortable office. Additionally, the impact of the pandemic also has made us more aware of the importance of keeping a safe distance and having space for air circulation.

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