Throughout history, there have been numerous methods and techniques to stay warm during the cold winter. Besides consuming hot drinks and layering clothes to increase body heat, we should also pay attention to keeping the living space warm to prevent catching a cold.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how people across different parts of the world keep their houses warm – some methods are so popular that they are also practiced in foreign countries.

  1. Bubble paper

Originated in Korea, gluing bubble paper on windows is a unique method that aims to trap warm air inside of your house and prevent cold air from getting out. To avoid cold air flow into the indoor area, we can try to paste bubble paper on the glass, and then use adhesive tape to seal it, forming a vacuum insulation layer. It helps to prevent the loss of indoor warm air and gradually raises the indoor temperature.

2. Floor heating system

Installing a floor heating system can combat cold snaps and keep you warm on cold days, as well as improve the problem of “condensation” in summer. In recent years, some floor heating systems are more capable of releasing infrared radiation, which helps to promote metabolism.

3. Sponge glue strip

During the winter, the house is chilly even if you lock the doors and windows. For those afraid of the cold, you can stick the sponge strips on the gaps between doors and windows to prevent the cold air from outside. It is not only cold prevention, sponge glue strips can also prevent sand and dust and it helps to slow down the force and speed of closing the door.

4. Thick curtains

As soon as the weather becomes colder, keep in mind to replace the curtains with thicker ones to keep the cold from infiltrating your house. If you use a heater or have a heating system inside, thick curtains work brilliantly in blocking the heat from getting out, too.


Some of us might have experienced the feeling where the floor feels freezing during the cold season that we cannot move anywhere unless we wear slippers. A good way to tackle this issue is to install floor carpets. Carpets, especially fluffy ones are perfect for cold prevention and keep your feet warm. 

We often experience changes in Hong Kong weather throughout the day and night. Thus, it’s crucial to have seasonal supplies ready in case we might have to deal with temperature dropping or increasing suddenly. Those items can be space-consuming, which could clutter and reduce your living space.

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