The Traditions of Mid-Autumn Festival

The Traditions of Mid-Autumn Festival

The coming together of friends & family

The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally a harvest festival to give thanks for the bounties from the land as well as a gathering of friends and family. The latter part is especially significant as the full moon is roundest which in Chinese also represents a “coming together”.

So how do we celebrate?

Mid-Autumn Festival is usually celebrated in two parts, the dinner gathering and the moon appreciation. Moon appreciation is the obvious main attraction with people going out after their dinner to places where they can best view the moon. Most popular places being  beaches and hillside. Naturally, the darker the area, the less light pollution you will see and so the greater the enjoyment you can have as you bathe in the moonlight. Going to these places often involves dark paths and lanes, hence the popularity of lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In modern day celebration during the Mid-Autumn festival, you could even say that the lanterns children play with have overshadowed the moon by far. Whether you’re looking for traditional paper lanterns with candles or the latest plastic offerings with LED in your favorite cartoon character, the options are endless. While the common paper lanterns are quite simple, there are stores with offers more stylish traditional ones and but you need to know where to look. Perhaps little known is that the stores suppling paper offerings for the deceased actually also supply quality handmade lanterns during the run up to Mid-Autumn Festival. They are very beautifully crafted and will definitely stand out against the increasingly commercial products that are common. So do check them out!

Now that you’ve got the moon appreciation planned, don’t forget to sort out your plans for dinner too. If you’re thinking of having friends over at your place but have too much clutter, you know who to call!  Enjoy

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