Usually, when we want to make space in our house, we start with the layout of the home, such as adding a loft area and opening up the space. For home style, modern is the most suitable and practical style for Hong Kong.

Why is the modern home style so suitable for Hong Kong? If you are considering decorating your home, might as well use the modern home style.

1. See-through effect

To build a modern home, usually, we use toughened glass as partitions to separate the areas. Glass is able to create a good see-through effect and increase the feeling of space. It creates a spacious feel in the small home.

2. Spacious

The modern home is decorated with hidden storage cabinets and furniture with a simple design. A hidden cabinet does not have a handle and it opens by just pressing or pulling. They may help your home to look tidy and clean and even create more space.

3. Good Mental Health

A modern home pursues a sense of simplicity, pure and natural. Priority is given to grey, white or wood colours. White makes the living environment looks clean and bright. It may help to refresh you and keep your mind clear.

4. Fashion and Stylish

In selecting furniture and space planning, the modern style concentrates on geometric shapes and simple lines, making the space look neat and organized. The overall pattern looks simple but lavish, creating a sense of fashionable space, whilst letting people live comfortably.

5. Relieve Stress

Besides the use of grey and white, modern homes also use wooden floors and furniture. It not only increases the layering but also relieve stress with its appearance, tactility, and even its smell, especially solid pinewood.

Although our home space is narrow, if we can make good use of space, the small home can be comfortable and warm. In addition to choosing the right home style, we must also manage the clutter at home. Store the unused items in self-storage to help us to create our dream home.

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