Find out how Cube Self Storage’s business tips can make this a prosperous new year for you!

As people start to shake off the holiday mood coming back from their Chinese New Year holidays, the eyes are once again set on making this year a prosperous one. So what’s the secret to success? It’s easy. You just have to act like a monkey! No, we’re not joking so hear us out. In Chinese culture, Monkeys are witty, intelligent and mischievous (because they like playing most of the time), so it makes sense to act smartly and enjoy the work as well. Not clear enough? Here are a few solid tips:

Stay Flexible – Don’t tie yourself down
Just like a monkey enjoying the freedom of nature, you want your business to thrive without the concern of over committing your resources. The economic outlook is uncertain in recent months and that is likely to continue. Whether you are planning to expand into a larger office to take on new staff or considering a larger warehouse to house your products, the cost commitment could be immense.

Self storage companies such as Cube Self Storage can help you maintain flexibility by storing your office documents, products and general equipment that you don’t regularly use so that you can have more office space without needing a larger office as well as “limitless space” that you can increase or decrease to store your products through seasonal and economical fluctuations in the market.

Leverage others’ expertise – So you can focus on yours
As you strive to increase your revenue, you are simply going to get busier (if you’re not already overloaded)! It makes sense therefore to outsource things so that you can focus on your core competences to maintain your business growth more effectively.

When it comes to storing and retrieving things, Cube Self Storage is your expert partner. Simply let us know that you need our help and we’ll take the problem off your hands. From a free site survey where our professional staff will assess your storage needs and discuss other value added services such as collection and delivery, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promises with high professional standards.

Enjoy your work – Failing that, at least share the karma of those who do

Business can be stressful at times but it’s exactly at those times when a positive and happy mentality will be able to see you onto the road to success. At Cube Self Storage, it’s our mission and passion to deliver helpful solutions to all our clients. Whether it’s our personal storage clients enjoying more living space at home and for us to keep their prized possessions safe in storage, or business storage clients who can grow their businesses with us through careful expansion and smart storage, the Cube team enjoys the results of our work and we will work hard to make space for everyone!

So why not give us a call and see if we can put a smile on your face – contact us or call 2914-2200 to speak with our storage experts.