In order to protect fragile items, we generally pack them by using some type of padding. However, there are so many kinds of padding on the market, do you know how to distinguish and use them? Let Cube explain to help you ensure the safety and stability of goods in the future whether for express delivery or storage.

1. Stretch Wrap

wrapping fragile items - stretch wrap-

Stretch wrap is flexible, used to bundle stacked items, prevent toppling, and conveniently handle pallets. You can also use it to bundle large fragile items, especially antique furniture, to prevent scratches during handling.

2. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is the most common and classic padding that we all know. However, there are many different ways of wrapping items. Simply lining the box with bubble wrap, or covering the item with a layer of bubble wrap, may not provide enough protection for the fragile item.

padding for fragile items - bubble wrap

When wrapping fragile items with bubble wrap, make sure every corner of the item is protected before putting it into the box. This will help to reduce the impact forces.

3. Honeycomb padded Wrapping Paper

The honeycomb padded wrapping paper is made of kraft paper, inspired by the internal structure of the honeycomb. Because of its beehive network design, it can bring strong protection ability to achieve the benefits of cushioning and absorbing impact. In addition, the wrapping paper is light, and thin, which can save space. Generally, we use it to wrap small items, such as light bulbs, bottles or cans, cosmetics products, and so on.

Padding for fragile items - honeycomb wrapping paper

4. Foam Peanuts

Foam Peanuts are the most common loose padding, acting as additional cushioning for fragile products. Just fill the excess space of the box with the foam peanuts. It is used to avoid fragile goods breaking during the handling process due to shaking and impact.

Padding for fragile items - foam peanuts

5. Cardboard dividers

If you want to pack more than one fragile item in one box, it is recommended that you use cardboard box dividers. The items are neatly stored in different grids. The cardboard also has the cushioning ability to better protect fragile items.

If you want double protection, you might need to wrap your items with bubble wrap and then use the dividers to store them.

cardboard dividers

6. Expanded polyethylene (aka EPE foam)

EPE foam is a new environmental protection packaging material. It has the advantages of being moisture-proof, shock-proof, heat preservation, toughness, and collision resistance. In general, when you want to send a gift or keep it for your collection, such as antique items, art, jade, ceramics, etc., you can use EPE foam to protect your lovely items.

EPE foam

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