Cluttered Home, Cluttered Head – The Negative Impact Of Clutter

Can a cluttered home have a psychological impact on how you feel? Clutter really can affect how our brains work, and as such how we feel, which has massive implications for things like happiness and productivity. So how, and why does clutter happen? With increasingly busy lives it’s difficult to stay on top of everything, and with most of our time dedicated to working outside of the home, the hours we do spend at home are both few and precious. Lack of time, combined with […]

The Evolution of Box Storage

From storing by the pot to storing by the box, how we need to store items in quantities that suit our lifestyle. Did you know that self storage originated in China over six thousand years ago? People ‘stored’ items in clay pots in underground pits which were then guarded to prevent theft. Times have definitely changed – storage units now have antitheft and fire protection systems, with 24 hour CCTV monitoring and come standard with climate control. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed if […]
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