Pilates Hong Kong: Body, mind and environment in harmony, the way to a better you

Flex Studio was among the pioneers of Pilates in Hong Kong, introducing the best Classical Pilates equipment and providing the Teacher Training program.

The fitness studio has about 30 fitness instructors, each of them fluent in various languages and 10 years of teaching experience on average. They provide flexible and personalized training for different customers, including small group classes, workshops, retreats, corporate packages, and instructor training.

Customers can choose their workout program based on their interests, such as Pilates, Yoga, and Xtend Barre.

Heather Thomas Shalabi studied ballet and yoga intensively before obtaining a full Pilates studio certification in 2003. Drawn to Pilates for its incredible physical and mental benefits, it became an all-consuming passion. After becoming a Pilates instructor, she studied traditional and classical Pilates with Benjamin Degenhardt, who pioneered 360° Pilates. She was then certified as a third-generation classical instructor by Real Pilates in New York.

In 2005, together with co-founder Anna, a former professional ballet dancer, Heather decided to start Flex Studio in Stanley, Hong Kong. In 2010, they moved their studio to One Island South to reach a larger market. In 2014, Flex Studio opened its second Studio in Central, focusing on the transformative system of classical Pilates.

“At Flex, you’re not just going to the gym. You’re changing your life.”

Heather and Anna constantly share and combine their practical and teaching experiences. To build up the Flex team, they assembled a team of fully qualified and experienced Pilates, yoga, Xtend Barre, and fitness trainers to provide professional training for customers.

Flex’s team represents such methods as Polestar® Pilates, the Body Arts and Science Method (BASI®), Ron Fletcher Pilates, Baron Baptiste Power Flow, Paul Grilley Yin Yang, K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga yoga, and more. They help customers to tone, lengthen, strengthen, stretch and breathe.

For people who are always busy with work, the office and home are the places where we spend the most time. To break the stress and tension of life, Flex Studio creates the third space.  Their comfortable and relaxed space includes an upscale shower, locker room facilities, and a welcoming reception area. To help people relax, they have healthy snacks, fitness clothes, towels, and so on.

Of course, being a friendly trainer is the key to enjoy a workout. Heather hopes customers will able to get a better life through her workout programs.

In addition to providing the perfect workout environment for customers, Heather also provides the most comfortable storage space for herself. She realizes that she needs a safe, spacious place to store her furniture, sports equipment, and personal belongings. On the recommendation of her moving company, Heather got to know about Cube Self Storage.

She is happy with the flexible storage solutions that Cube offered since she only needs to pay according to her own storage space. With a 24/7 climate-controlled facility, she no longer has to worry about the safety of her items.

Flex Studio, Home of Intelligent Movement

Workout is the best way to release our stress and the best medicine to maintain our health. In addition to the general adult fitness needs, Flex Studio also offers pre/ post-natal fitness classes and kids/teens fitness classes to cater to the fitness needs of each group.

Fitness doesn’t care about age, gender, class. Their customers include athletes, children, teens, and office workers. They could be Pilates enthusiasts, yoga lovers, or even beginners with no basics.

To build a Home of Intelligent Movement in Hong Kong is the vision of Flex Studio. They make every effort to bring a positive and productive movement experience to customers. With the objective of “To bring Classical Pilates of the highest global standard to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia by building studios with the best Classical Pilates equipment on the market, educating consumers, and training the next generation of Classical Pilates Teachers.”, they aim to promote Pilates in Hong Kong and build a healthy community.

To know more about Flex Studio or join the fitness class, please visit the Flex Studio website or WhatsApp +852 5740 9420.