Five ways to keep your books looking like new for years to come!

Are you an avid book reader like us? Regardless, the type of genres you love reading from novels, comics, recipe books, autobiographies or even academic books, we know you’ll have an amassed book collection at home. After all, reading brings us immense joy and satisfaction but how do you ensure your hardbacks and paperbacks remains in good condition throughout the years?

We’ve asked our self storage experts and here’s their expert advice!

1. Cover your books with protective film
This gives your books an extra layer of protection making it the perfect protective solution for all your books. Besides, it also gives paperback books some added support when storing them upright preventing the edges from bending. The film also makes it easier to wipe clean and can be removed down the road, so that the original book cover remains intact over the years.

2. Practise good personal hygiene when handling books
Yes, we know, a good book, a warm mug of hot chocolate and a bowl of snacks go hand in hand! Our expert advice is to try and keep them apart as spills could happen. Coffee stains and greasy thumbprints will make your books look old and dirty. Also, a big No No from us – don’t use saliva to turn the pages! This is clearly for hygienic purposes.

3. Get a bookmark or easily D.I.Y one!
Don’t fold the pages to indicate where you’ve stop. Those folded dog ears indentations won’t just go away! Don’t have time to get a bookmark from the bookstore? It’s so easy to make one. Just repurpose a business card or use a string and VOILA… your very own D.I.Y bookmark. Easy peasy!

4. Repair loose pages sooner rather than later
Every single page on the book is imperative! A missing page will make the storyline incomplete. If a page comes loose, for example, simply glue it back along the spine and stick it back in before any more pages come loose too. There’s a saying, “a stitch in time saves nine” and it’s so true!

5. Always store your books in a cool, dry place
If it’s too humid, mould will grow on the pages and could even attract silverfishes which would happily munch away on the pages. The best place to store your books would be in an air-conditioned room. If you are faced with both space and temperature problems, you may wish to store all your love books with us in Cube Self Storage! With 24-hour temperature management ensuring good air circulation for your books, you can be assured your books will be stored in the best conditions.

There you have it, our storage expert’s advice!

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your precious book collection in mint condition.

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