Spring is here and it’s the dampest time of the year.

While, Hong Kong weather may be something we cannot control but there are ways to keep your home dry and airy all year-round and prevent mould growth.

Mould and fungi love damp surfaces so, the trick is to keep humidity levels low at home!

Combat humidity in the different sections of your home with these tips below:

1. The Living Room
The must have item in every home in Hong Kong – an air dehumidifier! This magic appliance will help maintain humidity levels in the air, eliminating musty odours and prevent the growth of mildew by extracting water from the air. No more stuffiness!

2. Bedroom and Cupboards
For bedrooms and enclosed places, a natural home remedy like Bamboo Charcoal will do the trick! Bamboo Charcoal has a unique effect of purifying air. When air is passed over the charcoal, it reacts by either releasing stored moisture or by taking moisture out of the air if it’s too humid just like a sponge! It’s scent and allergen free making it a safer option for kids, pets, and people with allergies and asthma.

3. Kitchen and Toilets
Promote good air circulation in enclosed spaces by running exhaust fans. When air is trapped indoors, odours are stuck in the room! Exhaust fans are a great way to ventilate the air and dissipate the odour. So, run your exhaust fans whenever you cook or bathe to keep excess moisture out.

4. Cupboards and store rooms
Keep your belonging dry with moisture absorbers. Place desiccant tubs or silica gel packets in storage spaces to prevent mould and mildew, defeat musty odours, and keep your cupboard space dry and fresh.

5. The Entire House
Switch on the air conditioner! The cool air can help reduce indoor humidity and keep humidity under control. Air Conditioning is the best way to keep sensitive items, such as wooden furniture, fine art and books safe from the damages of humidity.

We understand that switching on the air conditioning at home 24/7 is not practical as your monthly electric bill will skyrocket! Instead, save on electricity and store worry free with us. We offer 24 hours managed temperature storage units kept between 20 ° C and 22 ° at all times!

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