Storage care tips to preserve your work of art for generations to come!

Are you a big fan of quilting? You’ve invested lots of precious time and money into this. So, it’s only wise to keep your precious quilt investments and family treasures safe and well preserved for generations to come. With the right storage and care for your quilts, you can definitely enjoy the beauty of your quilts for many more years to come!

Here are 5 Tips to properly store your quilts:

1. Only store clean and dry quilts!
Before storing, always handwash your quilts with cold water and mild detergent. For quilts with puffy applique or lace, it’s best to always dry clean them. Ensure they are completely dry before proceeding to the next step!

2. Roll never fold
By rolling you prevent creases, plus it’ll save your storage space too making room for more quilts! Prevent dust or staining by placing your quilts into muslin bags. A cotton pillow case with a zip will work too!

3. Storage bins for your quilting equipment
Keep your hobby and passion organised and tidy by using separate compartment containers. Sort out your scissors, rotary cutters, cutting mat, seam rippers, acrylic rulers, thread, pincushions, needles, clips and fabrics into individual storage boxes.

4. Make Space for Your Quilting Hobby
Use a Cube Self Storage unit to store all your quilts and quilting supplies, out of reach from children, pets and changing temperatures.

5. Use Cube’s Climate Controlled Storage
With our climate controlled storage, your quilts will be protected from heat, cold, dust, mould or humidity. While, effectively preventing premature aging and heat-related malfunctions! Store with us knowing your quilt is always safe with our 24/7 CCTV monitored facility accessible only via personalised customer access code.

Contact our friendly storage experts today to discuss our competitive rates, flexible plans, easy accessibility and security at our premise.

Trust us to provide immaculately clean and dry self storage units in sizes ideal for storing quilts!