What’s your favourite home design? Muji? Nordic? Or Industrial style? Creating the style that we want at home is fun but in this era of economic recession, budgets are tight and we need to save money including during home renovation.

Let’s see what can be done to reduce renovation costs and still own beautiful dream home.

1. Calculate expenses

Before the renovation project begins, you must clarify your home conditions and needs. While it’s hard to figure out the cost of renovations, here are a few things to consider.

A. Self-planner or designer?

When you design your home yourself, you have more autonomy and it can save on design costs, but only if you are familiar with the decoration process. If you have no idea in design, it is recommended that you look for an interior designer, who will give you professional suggestions, including design style, wiring, building materials to apply, storage design, furniture, and so on.

B. Housing conditions

The allocation of the renovation budget varies with the age of the building. Old buildings should pay more attention to the safety of living. The building plumbing, electrical wiring, and wall damage may need to be renovated. You should spend more on safety than on design. If a new building, you can put more budget on the designs and furniture.

2. Choose a style

The cost of renovation is closely related to the style you want. For example, if you pursue European or American home styles, you may need to order imported furniture, and decorations, this will undoubtedly increase your renovation budget.

To save on renovation costs, you could choose a simple home style. For example, the Minimalist is popular and suitable for small spaces. It does not have to be complicated, simple styles of wallpaper, furniture, wall colour, or even a simple floor brick, will reduce costs considerably.

3. Keep original building materials

You don’t have to remove all the existing building materials and accessories to give your home a new look. You could keep original the kitchen and bathroom accessories. It not only saves money, but it is also environmentally friendly! Keep the original layout of the house, because once you change the layout, you will have to spend more money to install plugs, wiring, plumbing, ventilation system, etc., adding to the decoration fee.

4. Do it in stages

If you only have a limited budget, decorating in stages will relieve the economic pressure! Many people think the living room is the largest and most important place in the home, and also the area to entertain guests, so they will renovate the living room first. The bedroom usually follows as renovation will improve relaxation and sleep quality. Arrange the renovation construction according to your ability and living habits to reduce unnecessary stress.

5. Self-Storage

You can save money by renting a self-storage unit during the renovation period! Many people will find that their furniture and electrical appliances are damaged after the completion of renovations and their clothes are covered with dust. It let people spend more than a sum of repair costs, and cleaning costs.

Therefore, during the renovation period, renting a self-storage unit to store furniture, appliances, clothing, and all kinds of unnecessary items in your home can help you reduce stress! Cube Self Storage provides short-term storage and we tailor a suitable storage solution according to your needs, whether no matter moving or renovating.

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