Chinese New Year’s Eve is a great time for reunions. The reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve is a very special event for all Hong Kong people, large families have to consider the problem of space.

Here are 5 tips to make your home a place where the big family can enjoy intimate moments together.

  1.  Organize your home

Tidy up your home and re-arrange the furniture to create space. Start by shelving items you don’t need to create a wide space, such as the living room.

Try to remove the coffee table, sofa, and cupboard in order to create space for the dining table. Don’t forget the spring clean to make the home neat and tidy for the reunion.

2. Kitchen space

The harmony of the family is important during the Chinese New Year. The limited space may lead to irritability and cause quarrels, especially when we are busy preparing the new year dishes.

The kitchen space needs to be well organised to allow the family members to cook in a smooth fashion. Tidy away items that won’t be needed.

3: Set the table

Once you’ve cleared the space, you can set up a dining table and chairs. Count the number of people at the dinner and reserve enough space for reunion dinner. A round or oval table can accommodate more people than a square table.

*After Chinese New Year, if the dining table takes up your living space, you can store it in Cube Self Storage.

4: Prepare enough cutlery

The amount of tableware in your home, such as cups, bowls, chopsticks, and spoons may not enough for your large family. If you are inviting a large family to dinner, you must prepare enough cutlery in advance in case you find yourself running out of cutlery at the last minute. If there are children in the family, you can also prepare children’s dining chairs and children’s tableware.

5: Bon Appetite!

We value the culture of reunion during Chinese New Year’s eve. So during dinner, we always wait for everyone to be here before we start eating. When everything is ready, it’s time to have dinner!

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