Royal MoversIf you’ve ever moved homes, then you understand first-hand the amount of time and effort needed. You have to organize, pack up, and label your things into as many boxes as you can.

Of course, there’s also the task of finding and hiring the right moving company in Hong Kong to make your move as hassle-free as possible.

But how does a typical day look like for the movers?

Louis, the founder of Royal Movers and a long-time customer at Cube, shares his insights and journey with us.

Moving from Zero to Hero

Louis of Royal MoversFounded in 1999, Royal Movers has 21 years of professional experience in personal or business relocation. With a professional attitude, Royal Movers manages everything from packaging to delivery.

Before founding Royal Movers, Louis was a typical office worker in a logistics company with dreams of starting his own venture. He accumulated a lot of experience and contacts in his work, which gave him a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work he would soon embark on.

Moving Service by Royal MoversRoyal Movers got off to a rough start, as most startups do. Understaffed and eager to save money, Louis was responsible for everything, including packaging, moving, and driving the lorry.

“During that time, I went from being a fat guy to a skinny guy,” he quipped.

Gradually, Louis got his business on the right track. His hard work paid off handsomely, and he is often regarded as a “transport expert” in Hong Kong today.

Running a moving company requires high energy levels, the ability to deal with fatigue, and enormous problem-solving capabilities.

Louis recalled two memorable handling experiences.

Hong Kong MoversThe first was a moving a customer to Sai Kung village house. Their trucks couldn’t reach the location due to the rough mountain road. As a result, they paved the road with more than 40 wooden boards, then lifted the furniture from the ground floor to the first and second floor.

The move took six hours, three times longer than a typical operation. Louis also recalls another memorable experience handling delicate artwork for the customer. The client emphasized the need for careful handling.

Taking the initiative, Louis shipped the art with unique packing methods and prevented any damage to the goods, earning him praise from the client.

Royal Movers & Cube Self-Storage

In 2013, while moving a client’s items into Cube Self-Storage, Louis met Mark Hendley, who was in charge at the time. After their first conversation, Louis discovered that his business philosophy was very similar to Cube.

“Business is not only about money, but also about heart, and customer service is more important.” Louis pays great importance to his customer’s needs, and he was excited that Cube Self Storage shared his view.

Louis was attracted to the facilities provided by Cube Self Storage, such as the 24/7 climate control, CCTV, reasonable prices, and flexible storage options.

moving company

Cube ticked all the right boxes, and Louis decided to store his commercial items with us. From that day, Louis has always recommended Cube whenever a customer needed temporary storage for relocation or renovations. This new win-win cooperation with Cube, as well as the reputation and recommendation of customers, has indirectly helped him gain many new customers.

When running a business, finding a good partner with the right business values is the key to a lifetime partnership. We’re proud to have Royal Movers as our logistical partner. Like us, we can rest assured that they will always place the customer first.

To find out more about Royal Movers or enquire about their services, please contact 9341 9209 or visit their Facebook page or send an email to