Get more wear out of your seasonal clothing!

Get more wear out of your seasonal clothing!

Just because it's seasonal doesn't mean you have to keep buying them every season!

Let's face it, seasonal clothing only get used for about two months a year so it’s only natural that you would want to make the best of your seasonal clothing by keeping them in good condition so that you can make more use of them in the future. As seasonal clothing rarely gets to see the light of day, they do take up quite a lot of real-estate in your wardrobe. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually the lack of wear that do these clothes in. So, here's a few tips to get the most out of your seasonal clothing:

Clean it before putting it away.
It goes without saying that you should wash your seasonal clothes prior to putting it away – most seasonal clothing nowadays are washable but due to their bulk, you might need to have them laundered. Either way, follow the manufacturer’s washing recommendation and get it cleaned before storage. You can usually find this important piece of information on the care label on the inside of your garment.

Avoid scrawny wire hangers.
Wire hangers are great for lightweight, daily clothing but tend to put the bulk of the garment's weight on two very small contact area - the area of, well, two thin strips of wire. This wouldn’t be a problem if it’s only temporary, but by the time you get them out of the wardrobe after months in storage, you would find your winter jacket not fit very well due to the fabric being compressed around the shoulder area. Compressed fabric also means less insulation from the cold.
So, invest in wide coat hangers if you must keep them hanged up in your closet during the rest of the year. The wide hangers help spread the load across a wider surface of the garment ensuring the fabric and insulation don't compress after months in storage.

Fold and store them in a breathable fabric container.
Folding up your bulky seasonal clothing and storing them in a breathable fabric container is perhaps the ideal scenario for long-term storage. Made from a breathable material like canvas and held in shape via a wire box frames, these ‘boxes’ allow you to store your clothes under the bed or tucked away inside the closet. Out of sight, out of mind until the next season. Just be sure to the environment they are stored in isn’t damp or they’ll retaliate and turn into fungus-infested, yellow-spotted mutants.

Avoid vacuum packs at all cost.
Vacuum-packing is a great temporary option for shipping bulky items like clothes and tend to keep the clothes dry in a high-humidity environment. However, in a similar scenario to the scrawny wire hanger syndrome albeit on a much larger scale; vacuum packing will end up compressing the insulating fibres of your seasonal clothes permanently!

With these simple tips in mind, you will find that your seasonal clothing will have a longer lifespan and you will be able to look good in them for longer! Remember, Cube can free up your wardrobe space by helping you store off season clothing so that you have more space for the clothing that you have more chance to wear. Enjoy spacious living with Cube now!

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