Seasonal Wardrobe Made Possible in Small Apartments

Seasonal Wardrobe Made Possible in Small Apartments

Make your closet feel like a spacious walk-in wardrobe.

Imagine having a wardrobe that could house all of your four seasons clothes! That is something that we all dream of, but most of the apartments and houses in Hong Kong won’t be able to accommodate a wardrobe that large. With Cube Self Storage services you can still enjoy a spacious closet by creating a smart seasonal wardrobe!

Here’s how:

1.Work with what you have!
Open your wardrobe and go through what you have in there! Then, choose the items you plan on wearing this upcoming season. Ask yourself:

  • Does this fit me well?
  • Do I feel good in it?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Does it wash well?

If you check YES for all, then add them into your seasonal wardrobe!

2.Use a Closet Organiser
Yes, a little help from modern technology won’t hurt! Download an organiser mobile application onto your phone. How does the app work? Simply take photos of what you have in your closet as well as in your storage, and then upload them into the app. This will give you an overview of what you have in your closet. So, “Voila!” now you can plan and organise what you plan to wear this season or keep for next season. This will help keep your closet tidy. Marie Kondo would approve!

3.Time to add to your wardrobe!
Here’s the best part, shopping! Now that you have an overview of the clothing that you own, you know what is missing from your essentials! Maybe it’s a winter cap, rain boots, sundress or just a matching sweater for your favourite pair of shoes. Make a shopping list so you know just exactly what to get. No more worries on impulsive shopping again!

4.Store your off-season clothing at Cube!
Clothes that you aren’t wearing this season is only going to take up space in your wardrobe. Make space by storing the clothes you aren’t planning to wear this season! Fold them neatly into boxes and store them at our storage facility until next season comes! With our climate controlled storage, we’ll keep your clothes in pristine condition till you need to wear them next. This way your seasonal wardrobe will be more organised, decluttered and fully functional for the whole season.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time to take a step towards a more conscious, sustainable wardrobe while at the same time looking and feeling good every day!Contact our friendly Cube Self Storage customer service assistants today to get a free quotation and discover our special offers.

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