Whether you are travelling or renovating, we recommend that you take extra precautions.

The Festive season often gives thieves many opportunities to take advantage of the growing number of empty homes. Whether you are travelling, renovating or even if you live in the New Territories, we recommend that you take extra precautions in order to protect your belongings. Here are our top tips for securing your home:

  • Check your doors and windows: Glass doors, transoms or air conditioner windows are an easy entrance way for thieves. If you don’t have security gates covering your glass door, you should consider getting them. And if you have electric shutters, always check that these are closed before leaving your home.
  • The Importance of a Security System: Renting warehouse space in a rural location is often cheaper, but sometimes it is not cost-effective as most of them haven’t got an efficient security system. It is very important to ensure the CCTV is connected and working. Consider installing one if you don’t have it. Even if the building has a security system installed, we recommend that you check whether the system is functioning properly.
  • Pay attention to suspicious strangers: Thieves often leave clues before they plan the route. For example, they mark some checkpoints around the target. If you discover some suspicious strangers wandering around, try to remember their appearance or even take a picture with your mobile phone silently. Afterwards, inform the security guards in your community.
  • Keep valuables in a safe: Valuables should be kept in a safe with an alarm. Deposit large amounts of cash into the bank instead of keeping it in your house or office.
  • Watch your neighbor’s back: Once crime happens, whether or not it was you that suffered a loss, it should be reported to the police force immediately.

Need to find a more professional security system for your property? Cube can help!

We offer a large range of standard storage units with intelligent 24-hour security systems as well as bespoke units for any size you may need in our climate controlled secure facility. We also offer bulk sized storage units with full double door access to give you your own virtual warehouse. Only those who have smart cards can access the warehouse 24×7.

Cube also has an efficient logistics team and warehouse management systems. Simply make a call or send your request via email and we can provide a full range delivery and collection service in order to save you time.

Browse Cube’s Self Storage Calculator that helps you to calculate what size storage unit best fits your needs. Still not sure? Please call 29142200 or contact us!