Cases of extreme weather caused by climate change are happening worldwide, which means the planet earth is sick. International organizations, governments, and non-governmental organizations have all advocated environmental protection and promoted people’s awareness.

As the issue of “saving energy and reducing carbon” becomes more popular, we only know the most familiar methods are planting trees, carpools, and recycling. Besides these, what else do you know about environmental protection?

Do you know? Self-storage is also an important part of helping the environment! Check out the benefits now.

1. Reducing waste

Hong Kong landfills dispose of tons of industrial and domestic waste daily. We are often urged to recycle and reuse waste to alleviate the problem. However, we always face the problem of lack of space to store the items.

Self-storage helps you! Storing your items in a self-storage unit instead of just throwing them away. This allows you time to decide whether to resell, donate, or turn them into another item, thereby reducing waste.

2. Eco friendly

Self-storage and ecology seem to have nothing to do with each other. In fact, many self-storage has begun to join the work of environmental protection, to achieve the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

For example, Cube Self Storage Hong Kong uses LED sensor lights and automatically switches energy with intelligent human body sensing to achieve a low-carbon mode. Cube Self Storage in the UK has adopted solar panels, LED sensor lights, and electric car chargers, sparing no effort to improve the environment.

3. Less buying needed

With the development of modern technology, we can easily buy whatever we want, which makes it easy for us to discard the old things that have been piling up at home for a long time. This has also resulted in an increase in waste.

Storing in self-storage, will not only reduce the amount of waste you produce but also reduce the consumption rate. Furthermore, it is better to store items in self-storage than to stack them at home which allows climate control to protect items from the weather.

4. Reduce carbon

In addition to the LED sensor lights and solar energy mentioned earlier, self-storage can also help reduce carbon in residential areas or offices. For example, we rent larger offices to store more documents and products. However, the larger the interior space, the higher the electricity and carbon consumption. Therefore, storing your documents and products in professional self-storage can benefit you from carbon reduction and free up more space to move around.

5. Reduce consumables

We often use plastic bags and cartons to wrap the discarded items when throwing the waste. This also increases the use of consumables, such as plastic and paper. Therefore, switching from “discarding” to “storing” not only reduces resource consumption but also achieves the benefits of reuse.

Self-storage allows us to have a spacious and free living space, but also have the responsibility to protect nature. Extra space will lead to excess energy consumption, so we will calculate the storage space according to the volume of your items to provide the most accurate space you need.

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