Self-storage services are popular and common in Hong Kong. The reasons for the boom in self-storage services are limited living space, enterprise development, temporary storage, lower storage expense, and so on.

Self-storage services are driving the development of small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong, whether it is growth enterprises, start-ups, shop stores, e-commerce, etc., all tend to self-storage rather than office warehouses. The benefits that small businesses can get from self-storage services are

1. Improve your office space

In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, working from home is gradually accepted by people. The majority of the small businesses also started their business from home to save on expenses.

To improve the efficiency and comfort of working from home, and to save on the cost of renting an office, many SMEs choose to rent a self-storage unit. It negates the need for a spacious office and solves the troubles of excessive product accumulation, they can enjoy the “freedom” of space.

2. Flexibility

For the SMEs that are growing, their employee turnover rate and monthly income tend to be volatile. They need a flexible business solution. Instead of renting a fixed office, self-storage can fit them better.

They can choose storage units according to the size of the company, which saves business costs and relocation time. The flexible storage solutions of self-storage are perfect for SMEs especially seasonal businesses, allowing them the flexibility to upsize/ downsize their storage space to meet demand.

3. Improve profit margins

Self-storage provides SMEs with lower costs and allows them to retain more capital for development and investment. They also can use the money they save to buy products to help them cope with the shortage of stock and supply. With more capital and products, the company will be able to ensure long-term profitability and improve profit margins.

4. Protect goods

SMEs’ are drawn to self-storage due to the complete facilities. Storing goods in the office not only obstructs the living space and creates a sense of pressure, but also leads to a messy office, and even affects the stock to deteriorate due to the weather.

With a self-storage that is managed at a 24/7 climate controlled, the company can ensure that items are protected from the effects of climate.

5. Safety and Security

Self-storage is ideal for storing those important documents safely and securely. It provides 24/7 door card access system, CCTV system, fire protection equipment  etc. to ensure the safety of storage.

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