Technology innovation is no longer a “nice to have” concept but plays a vital role, and is perceived as a strategic direction of modern firms. Technologies, appearing in many different forms and devices, have been shaping every aspect of our life.

To be honest, did the latest iPhone event catch your attention? Or the Samsung Fold screen amazes you with their innovative technology?

Used to be known as the luxury accessories for high-end homes only, smart home products nowadays become more popular than ever before in the home-living market. There are many affordable household appliances using AI technology to achieve efficient and advanced intelligent effects.

Here are the 5 smart home products to help reduce household chores and create a futuristic home.

  1. Robot vacuum

Robot vacuums are common and ubiquitous, but with the progress of technology and beyond, today’s intelligent robot vacuum is absolutely beyond your imagination.

It comes with the voice control function, auto change cleaning mode and automatic charging. Furthermore, the internal design ensures the efficiency and energy saving of the robot. Robots can be controlled via a mobile app to keep your house clean and tidy even when you’re not at home.

  1. Smart Plugs

The search volume of energy-saving ideas at home are increasing in the past few years, which aims is not only to find a lower bills solution but also to encourage the environmental protection trend worldwide. The smart plug was invented for this purpose. As long as you connect WIFI, you can remotely control electrical appliances in your home anytime and anywhere through your smartphone. Guess what, with this plug, you will forget the panic feeling if you did not turn off the lights after leaving the door.

  1. Intelligent Toilet

The intelligent toilet is definitely good news of mysophobia! It can leave out the energy of washing a toilet, and allow you to enjoy the “Big Business” time. The intelligent toilet is provided with a luminous lamp, automatic disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, etc. You can also enjoy the various “services”, such as butt washing, seat ring heating, drying and so on according to your personal habits.

  1. Security system

The intelligent door lock has become more popular and preferred to use by homeowners to increase safety. An intelligent door lock can be unlocked using a phone, fingerprint, or password. It has an emergency switch and there is no need to worry about the back locks problem. If you want to let the decoration worker or maid in, you can also set a cycle password for them.

In addition, smart gas leak sensors and smoke detectors can be installed in your home. You can observe the situation of your house through your mobile phone and be immediately alert to fire and gas leakage problems.

  1. Smart curtains

The so-called ‘Smart Curtain’ is because it would be opened by voice control or remote control on the smartphone. Set the time on the phone, the curtain will open and close regularly, just like setting an alarm clock.

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