Hello Spring time, goodbye winter! It’s time to prep your winter clothing for storage.

Winter has come and gone and its high time to put away your winter things. Let’s welcome spring with some fast and easy spring-cleaning tips to store your warm winter coats, boots and muffs.

1. Get it Cleaned: Wash and Dry
Always launder your winter clothes before packing them away. Storing clothing with deodorants and perfumes still on it will only cause clothing to discolour over time. While, storing clothes without drying clothes fully will produce a musty smell on your clothes and attract mould to manifest. Remember, fur coats can’t be washed – get them dry cleaned, instead!

2. Put it Away Properly: Packing and Storing
Avoid creases by hanging them up in your wardrobe with plastic covers but if space is limited, there’s a space saving trick – roll instead of folding! Then, place them into stackable storage boxes as plastic storage boxes are water resistant and protects well from pests.

3. Steer Clear of Moisture: Prevent Mould
Keep and store the boxes or containers in a cool place that’s off the floor and away from damp, direct sunlight and stuffy air. For added protection, consider vacuum packing. Vacuum-packed bags can save on space and protect items from dirt, damp, mould and bugs. For leather coats, avoid storing in hot places as they’ll crack and peel!

4. Get Professional Assistance: Cube’s Climate Controlled Storage
Don’t have a place at home that checks of the list above to store them till next winter season comes? Why not store with us? We have storage units available with 24/7 managed temperatures keeping your winter clothes safe away from pesky insects, dust, humidity, moulds and cracks.

It’s time to say goodbye to your winter clothing for a bit until… next winter season!

Now, let’s welcome Spring time!

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