Is the Wet Season Posing an Issue for your Business?

Typhoon season is approaching and already we are seeing lots of rain and high humidity in Hong Kong! Last year’s Typhoon Mangkhut was the worst ever recorded to hit Hong Kong, with many businesses still recovering from losses. Whether or not your business was affected last year, it’s always prudent to take necessary precautions to secure your business premises to avoid damage to assets or interruptions to your business.

1. Strengthening Glass Windows
Perhaps the most common and number one thing people do when it comes to typhoons during the summer months is protecting windows and glass doors/panels. With strong wind and tides, many businesses and shops are installing shatter proof barricades to prevent damages to their office, shops and furniture. Bigger corporations are investing in protective shatter proof window film tint but it can be costly! So, many smaller businesses are turning to cheaper alternatives like sticking tape onto windows in a pattern of X believing it will help to prevent the glass from shattering upon impact.

2. Get those sand bags ready!
If your shop or office is situated on ground level, street level flooding can cause water to seep through under doors and hinges! Stack heavy bags filled with sand to block the water from flowing into your premises. You can also use sealant to seal in between glass window and frames. Water can destroy your furniture and equipment beyond repair along with any products you may store on site. Start getting those sand bags ready on hand.

3. Keep Calm and Carry On
With regular heavy rain, it’s not uncommon to start seeing leaks and such from ceilings or windows. If you have a valid concern, don’t wait until it fully materialise before you deal with it. Most contractors will have no issues fixing the problem but finding good weather days to schedule the work may be harder to do. Should you get caught out, not all is lost. Using Cube’s storage solutions ranging from self storage units to bespoke storage solutions, you can move things out of the way and contain the problem while it gets fix so that you can carry on your business with limited disruption.

4. Mitigate Potential Disruptions
Keeping the property in good repairs is only just one way to mitigate disruption. Other steps you can consider include moving your documentation and surplus stock into different locations to better manage things. Our Climate Controlled Storage is the perfect place to keep your office equipment and goods safe. Plus, our climate controlled storage gives your goods added protection from humidity unlike most warehouses! Be it accounting records or other important business documentations, you can be sure that they would be kept well. You may even find that using one of Cube’s storage solutions may be a great long term option in managing your business better.

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