South African food in Hong Kong is not something that crosses your mind the moment you depart the airport. However, there’s a growing trend for traditional South African culture food and spices among the ex-pat community and locals alike.

Africa to Asia is a company that is integrating South African culture into the fabric of Hong Kong society, starting with brands like Nomu and Laager.

We catch up with Ellen and Faith, long term residents of Hong Kong who have been part of the Cube family since 2017, to discover the story of Africa to Asia.

Why did you decide to set up Africa to Asia?

“We were missing the taste of home, so we set up an importation company to bring in a curated portfolio of staple and iconic South African food and lifestyle brands to Asia.”

“We started the company because we just couldn’t find gourmet ‘braai’ spices (we love our grilled meats) and our beloved rooibos tea (redbush tea which is only grown in South Africa). These are only a few of the ingredients to mention that we used to enjoy a lot when we were growing up and living in South Africa.

Nomu is the brand name for a range of South African spices and condiments.

“Each product has been carefully hand-picked by us, distinguished in their reputation as award-winning, creative and quality products. In short, we love introducing our favourite goodies to Hong Kongers who love to experiment with spices and tea; together with our Saffers community craving for foods from ‘mzanzi’.”

Their Love for African Food and Culture

The journey of Africa to Asia like all good stories, combines the best of life’s ingredients – our obsession with a cup of rooibos tea, anytime, anywhere; and our love for food and good wine, not to mention our tireless experimenting with spices and food matching Asian cuisine on taste and the health awareness trends.

Ellen and Faith, founders of Africa to Asia.

Our company is family-owned and operated by authentic South African roots and we are extremely passionate about each and every product we have chosen.

We started our business in our living room. Living in Hong Kong has its challenges when it comes to space, so the business quickly outgrew our living space.

We opted for self-storage. We have actually been renting from Cube since 2017 to store personal belongings too, and after comparing all the warehousing options in Hong Kong, Cube’s flexible solution for small business was a no-brainer.

Cube’s storage units and warehouse had everything we needed. Access was limited to Cube’s staff, so we knew the goods were in safe hands. When the orders start coming in we work out of our self-storage unit, putting together hampers by hand, which we then ship to our customers.

During quiet periods we are able to downsize and when business picks up again we can quickly scale up. Cube offers us a space that is great to work in and is reactive to our needs. We are able to sell any remaining products at a reduced operating cost per unit.

Being able to rent a Cube self-storage unit means our team does not have to hang around waiting for deliveries and the products are kept safe until collection.

It is also easy to manoeuvre bulky pallets for unpacking. We can also access the products 24/7, perfect for some of our super early starts. Being able to pick up the products and not worry about security is fantastic.

“Cube’s bespoke service and their eager staff ensured smooth handling of all our storage needs. They will go the extra mile to offer creative solutions and accommodate requests, even last-minute ones!”

To find out more about Acrifaca to Asia, just give them a buzz or visit their website now.

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