Storage Solutions for Better Business

Storage Solutions for Better Business

Find out how self storage gives you a money saving solution that’s flexible & secure

Is your business rapidly outgrowing your current property? Planning to expand and grow your business? The first thing to consider when expanding is space! Where, when and how much would it cost? Space these days can be expensive and difficult to come by. A great alternative would be to consider business self storage units which are incredibly convenient and useful.
Here’s how Cube’s business self storage can benefit your business!

Hassle-Free Expansion
No downtime needed to move - minimising any business operation interruptions. With business storage units you can store all your business stock, documents or extra office furniture, freeing up much needed space for your business. Plus, by not having to move, you will not have to change your business address. Saving time and money informing clients on the new address or making new business cards!

Safe & Secure
Keep your company assets safe with us! We know how valuable and important your business items are and have taken great measures to ensure our storage facilities are well equipped with 24 hours round the clock security and CCTV monitoring. Plus, Cube offers insurance coverage, giving you added peace of mind knowing your business possessions are kept safe and sound with us!

Freedom & Flexibility
Let your business grow without big commitments. A bigger space would mean bigger costs and bigger obligations. With business storage, your business won’t get tied down with long term contracts and high rental costs. Instead, you’ll enjoy flexible month to month payments at affordable rates. Moreover, Cube’s Price Guarantee will promise you get the best self storage rates in town! Giving you the opportunity to allocate your money to where your business needs it most!

Money, Money, Money!
The best thing about using self storage is that you only pay for what you need. Often times, finding a bigger office may end with you taking more space then you need because the perfect size is simply not available. For those with seasonal trends in their business, the off season may see a lot of space unused as well. All this means that you are not getting your money’s worth. With Cube Self Storage offering a variety of sizes and solutions, you can be sure you are definitely getting your money’s worth!

With so many great reasons to get storage for your business, renting Cube’s Business storage seems like the wisest choice for business owners. What are you waiting for? Improve your business premises and cater to a growing business today. Let us storage specialists take care of all your storage needs, while you focus on your business. Call us today!

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