Love to shop? If you have the means to do so, why not? Hong Kong’s reputation as a “shopping paradise” is definitely well-deserved! Shopping sales in Hong Kong will make any shopaholic go into a shopping frenzy! Unfortunately, home space can be limited, and many worry about where to store and place their goods after a shopping spree.

We have helped many shopaholics store their precious collection and want to share them with you…

Tip #1 – Classification

Sort them out into categories or by colour coordination. Arrange and group same type of items together according to colours. Start with your wardrobe! This will make colour matching your outfit of the day so much easier! Sort them out based on work, home or leisure clothes. Save precious time when you’re in a hurry to head out to work or an appointment!

Tip #2 – Wall built-in accessory closet

Many wouldn’t think of utilising wall spacebut it’s a great way to maximise on storage space. A built-in closet will not take any of your floor space, and it will increase the storage capabilities of your home. This is a perfect option for accessories, which require less space than your clothes or shoes. Use hanging pocket organisers to store and organise your belongings like jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, earrings!) Placing hooks on the walls are also a great way to hang scarves, hats and coats. Make full use of your wall space!

Tip #3 – Use storage boxes

Buying in bulk can safe cost but spreading them out or leaving them exposed can take up too much space and pose a risk from knocking and falling. Store them in storage boxes, instead an retrieve them whenever you need!

Tip #4 – Weather 

Hong Kong’s climate is ever changing and rapidly changing temperatures and humidity levels can damage our stored items especially leather goods and cotton products. Too much humidity will cause mould growth and dry weather will cause leather items to crack and peel.

Tip #5 – Get more Storage Space with Cube Self Storage

We understand, it can be difficult to live comfortably in a cluttered home and that’s where we come in!

A Cube Self Storage unit is a great option to consider! With 24/7 climate control and CCTV monitoring, you’ll sleep well knowing your precious belongings are stored safe and are easily accessible. Contact our friendly storage specialists on 2914 2200 now.