Cube offers some smart storage tips to combat humidity in HK

With the summer months on the horizon, you may have started to pack away your warmer clothes and other winter essentials. However, with the hot and humid weather in Hong Kong, it’s very important to note a few things to ensure that what you store will be kept in good condition.

Make sure your items are clean and dry

While the biggest culprits to damaging stored items are mold and rust, you should not underestimate the issue of dirt. Aged stains or dirt can be extremely difficult to clean and depending on the nature of the dirt, may even damage the item.

However, just cleaning your items before storage only solves part of the problem. If your items are not fully dry, the moisture trapped on the surface can develop mold or rust. Furthermore, moisture on some items may rub off on other items and spread the problem. This is particularly common when people move items during wet weather. To deal with any residual moisture, good air circulation in a climate controlled environment and put desiccants inside your boxes/bags to limit the issue.

Know what types of boxes to use

The boxes you use can also help to protect items from humidity. If storing clothing, you may want to use airtight plastic boxes after ensuring the articles inside are dry. They will also allow you to remove any moisture attached to the box’s surface should they get wet during transit. A common mistake is not drying the areas between boxes if you have them stacked during transit in wet weather. However, plastic boxes are not always the best solution. Storing leather goods, wood or artworks a breathable container… most boxes would suitable but acid free ones would be best. Failing that, wrapping your items in acid free paper before putting them in boxes would be the next best solution.

Climate-controlled storage is better than home storage

Summer months in Hong Kong tend to be very humid and wet. While turning on your air conditioner and using desiccants and dehumidifiers at home can keep the moisture down, it’s likely that you the humidity down (especially if you need to open the window for fresh air) without a high cost to both your electricity bill as well as the environment. By using a self storage facility which is constantly keep at low humidity, you can be assured that your items will be stored under good condition.

Ensuring proper airflow

Whether storing at home or at a climate controlled storage facility, one thing that you should not neglect is airflow. Since it’s impossible to eradicate moisture, having good airflow for your items will help better preserve them while in storage. Avoid packing items tightly against walls or partitions as well as leaving some space between stacks of will aid airflow.

Storing items on top of pallets is also a good practice as it creates a buffer between the flooring and the boxes to promote airflow underneath your items which would prevent the build-up of water droplets at the bottom of your items should they carry moisture when stored.

Get professional assistance

Regardless of whether you find these tips to be easy or difficult, rest assured that the team at Cube is always ready to help so give us a shout and hear how we can help you enjoy spacious living in Hong Kong.