Store & Save with Cube’s Business Document Storage

Store & Save with Cube’s Business Document Storage

Discover the benefits for your business with Document Storage

Do you find your office in a constant state of overflowing shelves and filing cabinets? It’s completely understandable! With every passing year, more and more files get accumulated taking up precious office space because of the business need to retain and keep important documents such as financial reports, client files, contracts and other legal documentation.
It’s time to consider Cube’s Business Self Storage to store all your business documents because of the huge benefits offered!

Save Space & Money
By moving your documents into our storage facility, you will be able to free up space in your office. That means more space for you and the team! With a conducive workplace contributing to greater work efficiency, you would gain much more than just the rental cost savings on our affordable and flexible rates.

Total & Complete Privacy
Here at Cube, we take your privacy seriously! With our plastic lidded boxes called Easycrate, you can conveniently secure your documents by sealing it with our tamper proof seals to ensure your privacy concerns are fully met!

Better Management of Documents
Know where all your files are! With these four tips you’ll be able to manage your files efficiently:   

  1. Ensure file are dry before packing to prevent mildew growth.
  2. Place precious documents such as blueprints or photos into plastic sleeves to prevent damage.
  3. Label boxes clearly on all four sides.
  4. Arrange boxes systematically – according to the year and document type.

Follow the simple steps above and you’ll never have to spend hours looking for a document again!

What are you waiting for?
Reclaim your office space with Cube’s Business Self Storage and reap the benefits!

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