The long summer vacation is around the corner! This happy time for children can be a stressful time for parents. To give their children a fulfilling holiday, parents usually arrange all kinds of programs, such as hobby classes, day trips, outdoor sports, and so on.

Although we are still unable to go abroad, parents can still take leave to spend more time with their children. If you want to spend the summer with your children, here are some ideas for summer vacation.

1. Tickets

Exhibitions, theme parks, workshops, parent-child theatres, museums, and parent-child farms are all good activities for children to learn and experience new things.

Every event has its epidemic prevention guidelines, and some places would need to book tickets in advance. Parents should contact the venue in advance for details, such as opening hours, a limited number of people, and details of admission tickets.

2. Sporting items

Summer is the perfect season to get out and get some vitamin D. For example, cycling, mountain climbing, swimming, and camping are all great summer exercises. Of course, you must prepare related sports equipment in advance, such as running shoes, swimsuits, bicycles, bicycle protective equipment, camping equipment, etc., so that children are playing in a safe environment.

3. Camera

Some photography enthusiasts like to use professional cameras or GoPro to document their daily lives and upload the clips to social media to share with netizens.

Every moment of children’s growth is precious, and parents use photography or video recording to record children’s growth.

4. Sunscreen

During the summer heat, remember the importance of sunscreen. Bring sunscreen with you and your child and apply it before outdoor activities to avoid sunburn. In addition, parents should always remind children to drink more water to avoid heat stroke.

5. Epidemic prevention supplies

COVID-19, has made us more conscious of hygiene and health. Always remember the epidemic prevention measures, regularly change masks, and use hand sanitizer to disinfect hands, especially before and after meals.

6. Cube Self Storage

When children stay at home for a long time, their books and toys occupy home space and lead household space becomes narrow and messy.

Need more space for yourself and your family? You can contact Cube Self Storage! Tell us your storage needs and we will provide you with one-stop storage solutions, whether it is storage space, packing materials, or transportation services.

As parents, apart from focusing on their children’s education and schoolwork, it is also important to let them relax and experience new things during the summer vacation. As your child grows, there are many things that accumulate at home that you don’t need. For example, clothes that don’t fit your child, toys, baby things, etc. You can store them and maybe leave them to your next child.

Cube Self Storage is equipped with 24-hour climate control to keep your items not affected by the climate. The 24-hour door card access system allows you to retrieve or store items at any time.

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