With the growing awareness of environmental protection and low carbon being paid more attention, the concept of “Sustainability” is being advocated around the world. “Sustainability” can be an idea, a way of life, or a method of production. The concept is to maintain environmental balance and harmony in resource development, investment direction, and technological development, and to ensure that developments made do not harm our future generations.

According to the Self-Storage Association United Kingdom’s recently published “Self-Storage Annual Report 2022”, which mentions the topic of Sustainable Self Storage. This is also one of the projects that our head office in the UK has implemented.

Know more about how sustainable self-storage works.

1. Low power consumption

According to the Self-Storage Association UK, the self-storage industry does not generate much traffic. According to the statistics, 75% of customers visit self-storage once a month or less, and 20% of customers visit self-storage less than 3 times a year. Compared with other businesses, self-storage belongs to low energy consumption and is suitable for the use of LED sensing lighting that can achieve a low-carbon mode.

2. “Green” businesses

In a bid to save electricity, many self-storage companies in the UK have switched to solar power. You may wonder how much energy solar power can produce. According to statistics, solar energy has already produced more electricity than a self-storage facility needs in a year, proving that solar energy can provide great help for self-storage in terms of low-carbon energy. In addition, a number of self-storage companies in the UK have started to add green roofs, water retention systems, electric car chargers, and other green features.

3. Do not use or produce consumables

The Self-Storage Annual Report 2022 also mentions that sustainable self-storage also significantly reduces the use or production of many consumables, such as selecting recyclable materials for packing materials and working with sustainable manufacturers. They are also moving contracts and paperwork online to reduce the amount of paper they use.

4. Reduce new construction

Building new buildings requires a lot of steel and concrete, both of which are high in carbon. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainability and environmental protection, many self-storage companies in the UK choose to renovate old buildings and transform old buildings into self-storage. It won’t be carbon-free, but at least the carbon conversion from renovating an old building is much lesser than building a new one.

According to Self Storage Association UK, they predict that with the rise of the environmental movement, the “Green” business will be more valuable and competitive in the future.

Our head office in the UK has also joined the ranks of sustainable self-storage. In addition to solar panels, our UK facilities are also equipped with LED sensor-controlled lighting, and electric car chargers.

Cube Self Storage Hong Kong does the same as well! Our self-storage is equipped with LED sensor lighting and provides eco-friendly and practical Cube Mini box storage to provide customers with quality storage services while also caring for the environment.

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