Moving is made easier and smarter with plastic crates and here’s why!

Are you planning a move soon? There’s just so much to plan, do and arrange but most importantly you need to start packing. For that, you’ll need good packing materials and that’s where our Easycrates come in! They are simply perfect for all your moving and storing needs.

Our plastic hire crates are…

1. Multifunctional & Practical
Our Easycrates are made from top quality robust plastic ensuring it retains its shape, providing you increased protection during transit and storage every time! Our Easycrates comes readily available in a variety of sizes to fit your every need:

  • EC3 – Standard Lidded Crate (L:635×W:410×H:325mm)
  • EC6 – Metre Lidded Crate (L:1050×W:425×H:340mm)
  • EC1 – Computer Lidded Crate (L:635×W:535×H:590mm)

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2. Strong and Durable
When moving day arrives, it could be a hot sunny day or pouring with rain, but don’t worry! Our weatherproof Easycrates offer superior protection for all your household or office items as they can withstand rain, dust and heat!

3. Eco-Friendly
You can help to cut down on landfill waste with Easycrates! Our Easycrates are designed to be re-used time and time again, that means one less cardboard box in the landfill. Our reusable plastic crates offer a greener alternative as they can be recycled and have a longer lifecycle, reducing deforestation and carbon footprints.

4. Cost Saving
Not only are they great for the environment but your wallet too! We offer super affordable pay per crate rates so you only pay for only the crates you need. Speak to us on your requirements and we will suggest the right number of crates you need based on our extensive and knowledge in crate rental.

5. It’s just so Easy to use!
No packing tape is needed – how is that you wonder? Our Easycrate comes built with integral lids and easy grip handles for your convenience. Just open, pack and close! Plus, we’ll deliver the Easycrates right up to your doorstep and pick them up when you no longer require them. How convenient is that?

Book your Easycrates today and start moving the smart way!

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