Investing in a versatile booth and effective support materials can be key to the success of your sales strategy.

Where will your promotion materials go after the event?

(Photo Source: HKTDC)

Many companies are keen to seize the golden opportunity in large trade fairs at the end of year. The exhibition centre is a battlefield! Although it can be costly, investing in a versatile booth design, as well as the design of effective support materials can be key to the success of your sales strategy.

Your choice of design, whether agency based or through your in house team, will be an important factor in the success of your booth. Most exhibition spaces in Hong Kong have standard layouts and stand configurations to choose from. You will need to work closely with your design team to ensure the blend of promotional materials accurately reinforces your sales strategy.

The design of the stand itself also needs to set the scene for you target audience. In essence it needs to blend the display of your products, encourage traffic and provide optimal locations for your promotional materials. It is vital to get this balance right in order to achieve your desired outcomes for the exhibition, such as product sales or opportunities to network with your target audience.

There are also many visual aids or props that can be used to draw your audience in, such as videos or merchandise display stands. For road shows or event days you may need a more portable configuration, and enough stock to cover the duration of the exhibit or tour.

Some companies are willing to use industrial warehouses to store marketing materials. But let’s be frank, along with the long commitment and poor flexibility, the conditions of traditional warehouses make them incapable of storing your exhibition materials correctly as they only have ceiling fans. Imagine, during the hot and rainy season in July, the effect that the moisture and heat will have on your materials – deforming and damaging them, making it impossible to reuse them again in the future.

A more flexible solution
However, you can preserve your works properly with a more flexible and reliable storage solution. This will help you to save rental and transportation costs as well as production expanses by reusing your promotion materials on different occasions. Cube Self Storage is always ready to help you to retain your creativity! Our exhibition storage service encompasses:

  • Collection and Delivery Services
    Cube’s professional delivery team is experienced in exhibition transportation and will pack and transport your items with expert care.
  • Packaging Materials
    We offer a range of packaging materials including boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, sealing tape and more to get you all packed up. Please browse our Box Shop for more information.
  • The perfect storage environment
    Here at Cube, we offer temperature and humidity control and 24 hours access with a smart card in hand.
  • Flexibility to help you reduce your storage costs
    Store how much you need, for as long as you need to. We are happy to provide flexible storage terms at reasonable prices.

If you are interested in our service, please call 29142200 or click here to contact us.