Your spine will thank you for this!

Do you suffer from constant backpain? It could be due to all that heavy lifting. The trick is to never lift heavy boxes on your own and to always use the correct posture and techniques when lifting heavy boxes. Most importantly, knowing your strength and limits!

Don’t strain yourself when moving your heavy boxes into your Cube Self Storage unit by following these Do’s and Don’ts of carrying heavy boxes.

The Do’s

1. Always squat, don’t bend
Keep a wide and stable base with your feet apart.

2. Slowly lift but keep back straight
Don’t lift the box up hurriedly or you’ll hurt your back!

3. Hold the load close to body
Carry the box at waist level, never lift it higher or you risk injuring your muscles.

4. Put it down by squatting
Squat slowly and put the box down gently. This way your body can gradually adjust.

5. Push rather than pull
Pushing uses way less energy rather than pulling and this way you can see what’s in front of you!

The Don’ts

1. Lift more than you can take
Test the weight of the box first, if it’s too heavy…don’t attempt!

2. Obstruct the pathway
A blocked passageway means more time and energy carrying it across.

3. Bend or twist at the waist
Always use your feet to change directions and not the hips to avoid spraining your back.

4. Hold the box without a good grip
Get a firm grip of the box to prevent the box from falling and damaging the contents inside.

5. Work continuously without resting
Don’t overtire yourself, rest in between moving heavy boxes to avoid exhaustion.

With these tips carrying heavy items can be a breeze!

If you require assistance with moving those heavy boxes into your storage unit, speak to us!

We are happy to arrange for movers who are trained to handle heavy help you move your boxes. Just let us know!