With summer over, it’s time to put away your summer things!

It’s time to say goodbye to the hot summer days and welcome the cool autumn breeze into your homes. Get the house all set and sorted for autumn with these 3 great tips!

1. Set free the Closet
Make morning searching through the closet a whole lot easier. That means more time for sleeping in! Take out those tank tops, singlets and bathing suits from your wardrobe and anything else you don’t plan to wear in autumn.

2. Summer Accessories
The summer sun has set and you won’t be needing those floats and surfboards. It’s time to deflate that gigantic pink swan float and put away the unused sunscreens till next summer!

3. Camping gear
With school back in session and the adults back to work, camping days are over! Fold up the tents and camping chairs, roll up those sleeping bags and pack up your camping supplies and store them away.

Spacious living in Hong Kong is possible with Cube Self Storage
Store with us to free up some space at home. Preserve all your summer things for next year in our climate controlled storage unit. With our convenient service hours, they will never be out of reach. Easily pick up and return your items whenever needed knowing we are here to keep them safe for you under 24/7 CCTV monitoring!

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