From storing by the pot to storing by the box, how we need to store items in quantities that suit our lifestyle.

Did you know that self storage originated in China over six thousand years ago? People ‘stored’ items in clay pots in underground pits which were then guarded to prevent theft. Times have definitely changed – storage units now have antitheft and fire protection systems, with 24 hour CCTV monitoring and come standard with climate control.

However, the one thing that hasn’t changed if that often people need to store what is precious to them in small amounts, just to get that extra bit of space. With real estate prices at a premium, often lifestyle choices can be restricted by the limited amount of storage space in their own homes, keeping their items to the ‘bare essentials’.

But space restrictions can also have a negative impact financially. Taking advantage of seasonal sales, purchasing your own seasonal sports equipment or even just keeping precious items to be passed on for use by future generations are all hindered by daily space restrictions. These restrictions are felt even more harshly by students, who have to fit their entire lives and their study equipment into their tiny student apartments.

This constant pressure on the amount of storage space required and the restrictions it can create has led to a natural demand for ‘smaller’ storage solutions. Options such as Cube Mini Storage lets people store by the box instead of a conventional storage unit or locker. This gives them the freedom to extend their storage space by as little or as much as they choose.

A good provider of ‘storage by the box’ will also incorporate a valet service – this means that they deliver empty boxes and collect and store the boxes as you require. Again this need has been driven by the demands of people’s current lives, and time is a very precious commodity.

So how will you know if a Box Storage provider is right for you? Here are some points to consider:

  • No limits on the amount you can store – you should have the option to choose how many boxes you want to store, even if it’s just a single box
  • No time limit on your storage – be wary of storage providers who restrict your storage to lengthy contracts
  • No size restrictions – although called ‘box’ storage you should also be able to store single bulky items such as skis or a large items if you want to
  • Delivery is a deal breaker – collection and delivery should be a standard part of the entire service, the whole point of box storage is convenience
  • Clear payment options – the price you pay each day, week or month should be clear and all inclusive. Be cautious if you suddenly find lots of additional charges added to the bill.To find out more about our box storage option, Cube Mini Storage, please contact us.