The self-storage service has helped many Hong Kong residents to regain their living space. In addition, self-storage services have also helped many companies to store office supplies, business products, etc, especially during the pandemic. Compared to the traditional warehouse, storage unit has flexible storage solutions, a clean environment, complete equipment, and most importantly, affordable storage.

Which industry will benefit from a storage unit? Have you ever thought about which sector is most in need of self-storage service?

1. Food & Beverage

Generally, they stored furniture, tableware, linen and even packaged dry food and canned food in their self-storage due to lack of space. Especially during the peak of the epidemic, due to the limitation of dine-in number, owners were in urgent need of places to store their restaurant supplies, such as furniture. Since storage unit is clean and with climate control, it is much safer to store packed food and restaurant items.

2. Associations & Organizations

Many societies and organizations are non-profit organizations and generally do not have an office. As a result, they store their documents, items, and souvenirs in self-storage. They might not need a big storage space, so storage unit with a variety of space options is more suitable for them.

3. Information Technology (IT)

The field of science and technology needs a variety of equipment, parts, and accessories to do experiments and research. In order to store these complex parts and equipment, they need storage unit with climate control. Climate control is used to ensure the equipment and appliances from the impact humidity can have.

4. Health Care

To store medical supplies, especially medicines, we need to be sensitive to the storage temperature. Medicine might go bad once affected by high temperature, and even lead to reverse effects. Therefore, critical medical supplies must be stored in a hygienic, constant temperature space, and self-storage is always the best choice.

5. E-commerce

More people are engaged in online business or e-commerce nowadays. Generally, e-commerce does not need too many employees and offices. For convenience, most of the sellers will rent a storage unit. As self-storage provides flexible storage solutions and the rental fee will only calculate based on storage space, it saves more. In addition, since many e-commerce sellers are part-timers, they often manage their online shop after work, therefore self-storage is so convenient for them as they can access their storage anytime.

6. Professional Services

Professional services such as lawyers, professional consultants, accountants, etc., have a lot of confidential documents and files. Since there is no extra space in their narrow office, so they turn to self-storage for help. As self-storage is a private space with CCTV and its own lock, no one except the tenant can access their storage. It is so much safe!

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