8 Tips to Pack Lighter and Smarter!

Planning a holiday? Have you got your suitcase ready? It’s best to plan ahead for a smooth travel and to pack well to ensure you have sufficient clothing and toiletries.

Here we share with you some great tips to pack like a pro-traveller!

1. Know your airline’s baggage fee policy
Different airlines have different regulations. Do a quick research beforehand, to save you on stress and overweight luggage fees.

2. Heavy stuff at the Bottom
If your luggage has wheels, pack the heavier stuff at the bottom to distribute the weight evenly. This makes it easier to pull.

3. Roll your clothes, don’t fold
Weird but true! Folding your clothes takes up more space than rolling. Don’t believe? Give it a try!

4. Segregate your shoes with shoe bags
You don’t want dirty shoes touching your clean clothes! Place your shoes into shoe bags before packing them in your luggage.

5. Make the most out of empty spaces
Every nook and cranny counts. If you’re carrying an extra pair of shoes or sneakers. Stuff the socks inside!

6. Pack Mini Everything!
Pour your shampoo out into travel size shampoo bottles. Remember to separate liquids into a different bag to prevent spillage.

7. Leave a little bit of “FREE SPACE”
Keep a little bit of empty space in your luggage bag, you never know how much souvenirs you will be bringing back from your trip!

8. Make your Luggage stand out!
Dress up your luggage with luggage covers and tags, so it’ll be easier to spot when you need to collect it from the conveyor belt.

When you’re not on a trip or travelling where can you store your luggage bags? If you store it in your closet it’ll take up half the space and if you leave it lying about, you might knock and trip over it. It will also look odd sitting there and accumulate dust!

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