September is the time when many four-season countries transition into autumn. Autumn brings cooler temperatures and beautiful and romantic scenery, making it a popular season for travel. Traveling to countries during the autumn allows you to admire stunning maple leaves and enjoy the pleasant weather.

However, before the journey begins, we have to study about the location, weather, culture, etc., so that we can adapt to the local situation and be prepared.

When traveling to countries in the autumn season, what should we prepare?

1. Rain Gear

Autumn weather can be cool but it is also rainy season. So, preparing for damp conditions is essential. Items like umbrellas, raincoats, waterproof sweaters, and boots can be useful.

Note: Some airlines do not allow long-handled umbrellas on board, so if you have a long-handled umbrella, you are advised to check with the aviation regulations first. For convenience and saving, you can choose a foldable umbrella.

2. Clothing

If you’re susceptible to the cold, consider packing items like thermal underwear, quilted jackets, gloves, and scarves to keep warm and prevent catching a chill. Additionally, since autumn landscapes are so picturesque, choose earth-toned or muted colors for your clothing to harmonize with the scenery.

3. Medications

Many travelers may experience health issues such as skin sensitivities, colds, allergies, fever, or even digestive problems due to changes in foods and climates. It’s wise to carry a basic medical kit such as essential balm, pain relievers, anti-diarrheal, and any specific medications you may need.

4. Skincare

Autumn weather can lead to skin issues like dryness and sensitivity. Therefore, it’s important to have a travel pack skincare kit with items such as lip balm, moisturizing cream, face masks, and body lotion to ensure proper skincare during your trip.

5. Larger Suitcase

Why might you need a larger suitcase for autumn travel? Autumn clothing tends to be bulkier due to the cooler weather, so you’ll likely need more space for sweaters, pants, coats, and thicker socks. If you’re also a shopping enthusiast, having a spacious suitcase can be very convenient for accommodating your new purchases.


6. Self Storage

You might wonder why you need a storage unit before your trip. This is because after buying autumn clothing, your home can become crowded with travel kinds of stuff. Therefore, renting a storage unit can help you store your off-season clothing and keep your home tidy. After your trip, you can also store your large suitcase in the unit until you need it again.

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