The epidemic outbreak lasted for over 2 years, we get used to the new normal of life. In addition to the thermometers and masks, those who work from home have become more dependent on electronic devices and web conferencing platforms.  We switched to online meetings, online learning, or even online gatherings by using our smartphones or laptop.

While electronic devices and web conferencing platforms have made our lives easier, however, some of the negative effects are unknowingly occurring.

  1. Damage to eyes

Blue light from electronic devices can damage our eyes, which makes our eyes dry and tired when we spend too much time in front of a screen. With the increasing use of web conferencing, we should pay more attention to eye care. Take more vitamin A and Beta Carotene, and give our eyes a moderate rest. Parents should also plan their children’s time on electronic devices to prevent them from becoming addicted to the Internet and becoming near-sighted.

  1. Easily distracted

Virtual meetings or learning are flexible allowing students to learn from their computers or mobile phones. However, this only applies to self-disciplined users, while children who are more passive and lack self-control are easily distracted by their surroundings, which greatly affects their learning progress. Therefore, during the period of online lessons, parents should accompany them when necessary, especially young children.

  1. Estranged relationships

The epidemic has separated many people from their families and friends. Although we can contact each other through various online platforms, but it lacks the pleasure of chatting face to face! The Internet does not allow us to have simple physical contact, such as shaking hands and hugging, which are gestures of love. However, we are hindered by the epidemic, which makes people feel lost and estranged from each other.

  1. Feeling depressed

Staying at home for a long time will make people feel bored and depressed. Additionally, if your home space is narrow, it will make a person feel more oppressive and cause invisible pressure on life.

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