TinyBitz started in 2013 as a personalized gift company specializing in knitted and embroidered products such as blankets, baby products, and pet products. Petina was inspired to start her business by the birth of her niece. Petina, who loves her niece, has always wanted to give her a unique and meaningful gift. At that time, personalized gifts were not popular in Hong Kong. She realized how meaningful it would be to create personalized gifts for every child’s life stage. She believed that the business idea must be full of promise and the market potential is very high, so she was determined to go forward on the road of entrepreneurship.

Every Stage of A Child’s Life

In the beginning, TinyBitz created their flagship product with the concept of growing up “too fast, too soon.” In addition to customizing baby names on baby products, Petina also wanted to make a gift that will accompany the child’s growth. Mindful of how quickly babies grow up, she designed a “Growing Kit” with three different sizes and styles of jumpsuits so that babies can continue to wear TinyBitz at different stages of development. For example, a baby born in the winter will need a long-sleeved jumpsuit for winter and a short-sleeved jumpsuit for spring and summer.

TinyBitz won a Gold Award at the Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards in 2016 for this intimate design idea.

 It gave Petina great confidence and encouragement in her vision.

She discovered adults also like personalized and unique gifts. They expanded their product series, included baby blankets, adult blankets, and even cooperated with other brands to launch pet blankets. TinyBitz offers 4 different fonts and 20 different colors for customers to choose and match. Personalized blankets have become TinyBitz’s bestselling product. It even gained fame and orders from overseas.

 “Challenge is also Rewards,” Petina said.

Although she believes in the market potential, it’s quite challenging to start a business alone. She has been most impressed by the “multitask” period when she had to create everything from zero. This included marketing, graphic design, website, and fabric selection. It was a complicated process, but it also allowed her to try new things and learn a lot. From that, she understands that “we must learn to let go.” By assigning works to colleagues according to their professional fields can make things done faster and smarter. She is fortunate to have worked in the hospitality industry and in a branding company, where she gained a foundation in marketing and sales.

TinyBitz gets orders mostly online and sometimes rents a temporary booth in shopping malls to promote its products. Petina realized the importance of space to store her business supplies such as gift boxes, raw materials, etc. Due to no physical stores and space requirements that change depending on the situation, Petina needed flexible and secure storage space.

In 2017, she found Cube. Petina says she likes Cube’s flexible storage solutions, where monthly rental fees are based on the amount of storage available for that month. It helps her to saves a lot on costs. The cooperation and assistance from Cube’s staff and the storage facilities made her feel at ease and happy to store her items.

“Personalize” The Touching Moment

“The love of my customers is my biggest motivation.” Petina was excited and pleased when TinyBitz launched a new product line on social media and received a huge buzz in a short time, with early bird promotions. A mother once told Petina that her child did not like sleeping with blankets, but after receiving one embroidered with his name, he changed his mind. The story made Petina take pride and satisfaction in impacting the lives of customers.

TinyBitz personalized gifts and personalized your love! In the future, Petina believes that the company will be able to expand its range of products, such as customized scarves, cooperation with other brands, or launch festival-related products while exploring overseas markets. Stay tuned!

For more information on TinyBitz products or to make a special gift, check out the TinyBitz website, Facebook: TinyBitz or WhatsApp at (852) 9723 7307.

Image source: TinyBitz