Humidity in the warmer months can be tough on your household items

It’s already May and that means the weather in Hong Kong is changeable hot or wet (or both!) for the next few months. With that comes the steamy humidity that we all know too well. Unless you are in a steam bath, humidity is not our friend and it can wreak real havoc on some of our more sensitive household items. Here are three common items that are easily damaged by humidity that you need to be aware of:

  • Wooden Furniture
    Does your wooden bench or chair seem a little shaky or creaks when you sit on it? That’s because wood is sensitive to humidity! Wood furniture absorbs and desorbs moisture in the air causing the wood to swell and shrink making your wooden furniture joints loose and wobbly. Ideally humidity levels between 40 to 60 percent will give your furniture a longer life!
  • Musical Instruments
    Have you noticed your musical instruments sounding out of tune? That could also be attributable to the humidity levels in your home. Musical instruments such as pianos, violins and guitars are usually made of wood and suffer similarly to wooden furniture. In fact, they are likely a lot more sensitive as moisture causing them to expand and swell will change the tone and playability of your musical instruments.
  • Photographs
    Perhaps the most common issue for most households are damaged photographs due to humidity. Photos turning a musty brown at the edges or sticking to each other as the ink and pigments begin to run and fade happens very often when they are not stored in appropriate conditions. Don’t let your precious memories fade away by this easily avoidable problem.

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