Here’s a list of items commonly stored in a Cube Self Storage Unit

Have you ever wondered what lies behind a self storage unit door? Let us take you on a special tour as we list down the five most commonly stored items in a Cube Self Storage unit.

Here’s a peek of what lies behind the door…

1. Seasonal Items
Coming in at fifth place, is one of the most common ways self storage is used in Hong Kong and that is to store seasonal items such as decorations and clothing! With the ever changing seasons, many are now getting a storage unit to complement their lifestyle and store their thick coats after winter season passes, Chinese New Year Decorations (Plum Blossom Trees, Red Lanterns and Red Paper Cut Outs) and even Christmas Decorations (Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands).

2. Books
Another popular favourite to store is books! Yes, avid book readers in Hong Kong can now keep their book collections safely away from silverfish and mould in our Cube Climate Storage facility. Changing weathers are sure to cause moisture to be trapped in books and thus, slowly damaging your precious books. A collection is never complete with one book absent. Safeguard your wide collection of books with our climate controlled storage today!

3. Commercial Goods
Yes, online sellers love us! Our self storage units provide e-commerce businesses with a place to keep their inventory safe with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and the convenience of accessing their goods at any time they need with strict access control. With a self storage unit, online retailers can now cut down on renting warehouses or storerooms and maximise on profit. A popular favourite of retail goods stored with us are apparels, electronic gadgets and beauty products.

4. Collectables
Do you collect things? Our storage customers often store their collectables with us from dolls, photo albums, stamp collection, figurines, CD albums and family keepsakes (Mum’s wedding dress, your firstborn’s jumper, family trinkets and more!) Choose from a wide range of self storage units to best fit your collection and keep the memories yet still have space at home to live comfortably.

5. Household Items
The No.1 item that tops our list is household furniture. We are the perfect place to store all your household furnishings during home renovations from sofa, beds, mattresses, chandeliers to cupboards. With our flexible and affordable storage plans you can choose to store with us for however long you require! We also provide long term storage if you wish to store your furniture longer with us.

Contact Us now if you wish to store any of the above with us, our friendly storage experts will be glad to assist!