Why do people use self storage, really? Keep on reading to find out why!

Due to its high population density space is scarce in Hong Kong. High demand and short supply of living space have driven property prices sky high! In a recent study, results disclosed Hong Kong as the most expensive city in the world. According to the report, the average price of a home in Hong Kong was more than HK$9.3 million ($1.2m/£950k) in 2019! This forces many locals to turn to self storage facilities to store their excess belongings.

Hong Konger’s embrace self-storage as a means to complement their lifestyle. Let’s discuss the top 5 factors people use self storage!

1. No space? A storage unit can come in handy.
Yes, this main reason, surely tops the list! Many simply don’t have enough storage space in their homes or office setting. A self-storage unit provides a secure and economical option for accommodating the surplus. Shift items you don’t use every day but wouldn’t want to dispose of. This solution is so sensible because you can declutter your home and still save your non-daily and memorable items.

2. Get your inventories organised
Plenty of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) rent self storage units as business inventory or to keep documents and stock. When you are a small business owner or start up, you probably won’t have a lot of space. A storage unit will give business owners, the additional space needed with flexibility in terms of price, size and tenure while being assured of the safety of their important documents and goods at affordable prices, saving on expenses!

3. Planning a home renovation
Home renovations isn’t always a straightforward process that can be accomplished within a day or timeframe. Delays could occur! Store your furniture temporarily, so that renovations can be carried out smoothly and at the same time, keep them clean and free from dust and damage!

4. Going outstation or abroad for work
Many self storage users are often expatriates or frequent business travellers who travel abroad for work or business. Without a fixed accommodation, they might need to relocate often or temporarily store their furnishings till they get back. Avoid the hassles by renting a self storage unit. With a safe and reliable place to store all your personal belongings, you can easily travel without any worries for business or relocate overseas.

5. A safe place to store treasured belongings
A self storage unit is a great place for storing seasonal or surplus items for long periods of time. Our Cube Self Storage units offers 24-hour temperature management ensuring temperatures are kept between 22 °C and 24 °C and humidity levels below 65% providing good air circulation and the best protection for all of your stored belongings.

So, does any of the 5 reasons above resonate with you?

Well then, a self storage unit is an ideal option for you!

Cube Self Storage is without a doubt a trusted self storage provider used by locals and expatriates alike! We will keep your belongings safe and secured 24/7. Our facility has modern security features to keep your belongings safe.

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