Here’s why you should consider renting a business storage unit for your SME!

Self storage is commonly associated with personal use but did you know? It can also be beneficial to small business owners who run Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As a start up or small business owner, finding ample storage space can prove to be a challenge. Keep your business organised with a Cube Business Storage Unit, just like how many of our business customers have been doing!

We recently asked our customers why they choose business self storage and what they love best about our service.

The Top 5 reasons are…

1. It frees up space in your business
Surplus stock and unused furniture can take up precious office space. Without ample storage space, you may find it difficult to keep track of your inventory, with old stock mixing with new stock and lack of space for incoming stock. Better manage your inventory with a Business Storage unit! With additional storage space, you can easily store your excess items and retrieve the goods when you need to.

2. Filing made easy!
No more overflowing filing cabinets. With every passing year, more and more documents are stored – with companies needing to retain important documents for up to seven years! These files often end up taking up valuable office space. With your files safely kept in a business storage unit you can also be assured you are protecting your staff and client’s personal information from prying eyes by preventing information leaks, breaches and legal issues!

3. Convenience with 24/7 and 365-days access
With our 24/7 round the clock access (excluding Kowloon City facility – Managed Storage only) you’ll be able to access your office items anytime you need. Your items will never be out of reach. Just pop over to retrieve your items or move more in when you need to. There are no worries of not being able to access stock and documents on any day throughout the year!

4. Cuts down on Costs Overhead
Self storage units are a cost-effective solution, as opposed to renting an oversized warehouse. With Cube Business Storage, you pay only for the space you need. The price of a storage space is often a lot cheaper and easier than finding a whole new office space. Unlike office leases, we offer attractive storage rates with no long-term commitments and convenient storage locations across Hong Kong in Kowloon City, Aberdeen and Kennedy Town.

5. Items are safely stored in our secure storage facility
When you store with us, you do not have to worry about the safety of your stock or important documents. Our facility is fully monitored with 24/7 CCTV and strict access control via hi-tech access cards only admittance. You will be certain your important office items and documents are in good hands.

There you have it! Top five reasons why businesses are storing with Cube Self Storage!

What are you waiting for? Store with us today and get the space you need to grow your business.

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